When does my coffee ship?

Coffee ships every business day. Orders placed before 10AM PST ship the same day.

How much is shipping?

For other orders, you’ll see a handful of shipping options at checkout.

Does your coffee have a shelf life?

Fresh coffee always tastes best. Our coffee is shipped directly from our farms in Colombia, roasted in the US and shipped to you. We recommend brewing coffee within a two or three months of receiving it. Coffee stores well in the freezer, but not the refrigerator. 

Do you have an espresso roast?

All of our coffees are suited to delicious espresso. If you're looking for something robust, a dark roast like Bold Choice or a medium roast like Estate Blend will taste great.

Are your coffees farmed sustainably?

Our farms employ the leading agronomical practices for environmental sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Our team of agronomists work with a large farming staff to ensure that watershed management and reforestation are cornerstones of producing our coffee. 

To learn more about our coffee farms and production, please visit The Green Coffee Company.


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